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Seaoil Nigeria Ltd - Training

Seaoil Nigeria Ltd learning environment is the gateway to achieving the full potential of each individual and the Company. Effective management of each individual’s career is achieved through a combination of personal and company commitment. This commitment to the strengthening Seaoil Nigeria Ltd is further underpinned by sharing of learning gained from past decisions and actions, both good and bad that in turn positively contributes and influence improved performance.

Seaoil Nigeria Ltd - Work Mode

Teamwork leverages Seaoil Nigeria Ltd individual strengths by pooling resources and allowing us to achieve our common goal. All employees are expected to actively participate in the Seaoil Nigeria Ltd team, where open communication is encouraged up, down, and across the organization and most importantly through recognition of the diversity of our workforce.

Seaoil Nigeria Ltd - Out Come

Performance excellence is what differentiates us from our industry peer group. Seaoil Nigeria Ltd employees focus on what is important by establishing and communicating clear expectations, relentlessly pursuing success, striving for flawless execution, celebrating successes and applying knowledge gained from failures and continuously looking for new ways to improve the delivery of services.

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Procurement & Logistics

Seaoil Nigeria dedicated recruitment specialist works closely with our client to ensure we understand the organizational and technical details of any new assignment..

Manpower Training & Recruitment

Seaoil Nigeria’s procurement organization provides clients with global procurement resources, processes, systems, market knowledge, and volume-leveraged..

Marine Services

Seaoil Nigeria Ltd offers Marine services which are port-related activities conducted to ensure the safe and expeditious flow of vessel traffic in port approaches..

Upcoming Global Events

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Offshore Northern Seas (ONS)

29th Aug to 1st Sep 2016
Stavanger, Norway.

Oil and Gas Exhibition (KIOGE)

4th Oct to 7th Oct, 2016  
Almaty, Kazakhstan

RIO OIL & GAS 2016

24th Oct to 27th Oct, 2016
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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